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Data Upcycling

The latest publication by SJS Resource Management: Data Upcycling.
Julian Vearncombe, Angela Riganti, David Isles and Sian Bright 12-Sep-2017
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The Yilgarn Retrospective

Research paper published in Applied Earth Sciences authored by Jenny Bevan, Mick Elias and Julian Vearncombe
J Bevan, M Elias and J Vearncombe 12-Sep-2017
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How much water is in the Earth?

How much water is in the Earth? More than you may think. This blog estimates that there is at least three Pacific Oceans worth of water locked up in rocks and minerals below the surface.
Sian Bright 24-Mar-2015
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Yilgarn Retrospective Media Release

The Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) and sponsors
are pleased to announce the Yilgarn Retrospective, a two-day
symposium to be held in Perth on March 30-31, 2015.
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How the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emmission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) help in mineral exploration.
Mario Zelic, SJS Resource Management 13-Mar-2014
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