AusIMM Geoscience News Mar 2014: Gold14@Kalgoorlie Conference

Gold14@Kalgoorlie Conference
AusIMM Geoscience News, March 2014
By Neil Phillips

This conference is shaping up to be the most important gold conference in Australasia since Bicentennial Gold88 in Melbourne in 1988. It is being jointly sponsored by the AusIMM in collaboration with AIG, and features a number of events in early October 2014.

The highlight is a 3-day conference of talks and posters on various aspects of gold deposits, provinces and exploration. This runs from 8-10 October 2014 in Kalgoorlie. There are a few more speaking spots available but these will fill quickly once the full flyer is released in a few days. Ed Eshuys provides the first talk at Gold14@Kalgoorlie, and he is widely recognised as one of Australia’s most successful explorers of the generation. Bob Foster gives a perspective from the business end of London, and it was his prescience that gave us Gold82 in Zimbabwe when global gold geology leaders met there on a large scale. 

A number of gold geology leaders are being invited from overseas to speak. Cornel de Ronde has made a career of studying the black and white smokers on the ocean floor and their metals including gold. Nikolai Goryachev is one of Russia’s most senior academician geologists who leads a research institute in eastern Siberia in the heart of a giant and emerging gold province; the placer production there has been enormous and the primary deposits are starting to be found. Russell Myers speaks on gold in Alaska and his role in the discovery of the 18 Moz Livengood deposit. Iain Pitcairn is a pioneer of low level gold analytical methods which have enabled him to show the loss of gold, but not base metals, during metamorphic processes; this gold is assumed to depart in solution and head off to form many of our gold deposits. 

Two field trips give visitors the chance to walk over some of the classic Eastern Goldfields sections of meta-sedimentary, volcanic and intrusive rock units including Mt Hunt and Kanowna areas near Kalgoorlie. 

An Upskilling workshop is a chance to learn or improve key skills for gold exploration and mining such as mapping, core logging and structural geology under the guidance of Gerard Tripp and Julian Vearncombe. 

Two short courses led by Dick Sillitoe and by David Groves give attendees the opportunity to hear two of the leaders in the gold field over the last three decades. Dick covers the younger circum Pacific type environment, whereas David focuses more on Archaean examples. Both give keynote addresses during the conference itself. 

Kalgoorlie is an inspired and logical choice for such a big conference being close to field areas and mines, able to accommodate large conference groups, and right next to Australia’s largest gold mine with its ~60 Moz all-time production. The Golden Mile came to fame a century ago when it was realized that high gold grades were being concealed by telluride minerals. Subsequently, the classic work of Gary Bartram and Guy Travis showed the main host rock to be a differentiated dolerite sill - a step that was years ahead of their time in the interpretation of Australia’s single most important gold host rock.

For the ultra keen and true aficionados, it is possible to spend 4-15th October on gold geology between Kalgoorlie, Perth and the Eastern Goldfields. If that is not an over-dose, then there is a chance to write up a paper for the special issue of Applied Earth Science (Transactions) coming out afterwards.

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