SpaDiS™ your geometrically precise alternative to directional variography

Instrumental to major advances in the areas of gold, base metal and diamond resource assessment and exploration, SpaDiS™ is a spatial analysis technology developed by Vearncombe & Associates Pty Ltd and now available for free download from SJS Resource Management Pty Ltd.

SpaDiS can be applied within the spectrum of industries handling spatial data. Based on auto-correlation and fractal principles, the technology is effective at all scales ie., from the province scale to details within an ore shoot.

This latest release enhances significantly, your ability to expedite the enlargement of a resource base and mineable resources, and enables the technology to fit naturally into any operation globally.

SpaDiS v6™includes a user-friendly GUI and streamlined methods for quickly importing and comparing data from many sources. The software's interactive display makes it easy to view in 2D or 3D, visualise patterns, trends, ore envelopes, grade variance, grade distribution and much more. As a complementary approach SpaDiS™ allows users to validate assessments made from other geological perspectives, including geostatistics and exploration drilling.

The principal applications to date have been in the mining, exploration and environmental industries. The technology can be applied at all scales, from regional targeting to mine-scale resource development and reserve conversion. Specifically, and at all scales, SpaDiS™ matches the structural geology with the grade pattern. SpaDiS™ adds an unbiased view to resource development, whether at exploration or mine planning stages.

SJS Resource Management Pty Ltd provide training, expert advice and interpretation related to SpaDiS™ technologies and in the general areas of resource exploration, geology and structure.

SJS Resource Management Pty Ltd is the leading service provider linking resource grade patterns and the structural geology.

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