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Geological Consultancy
Our Services
Geological Consultancy

SJS Geologists is one of the reputed companies offering the best geological consultancy services in Perth. Backed by a team of Earth science professionals, our company gives consultancy services for several geology related areas such as geological mapping, ground water monitoring, heavy mineral characterization, marine surveys and scientific report writings and much more. The SJS Team is well-versed in using modern equipment and tools for investigations, material collection, testing, and other field work. Additionally, we have experts with extensive experience of using geology software and modelling systems. Get in touch with us now if you are looking for reliable geological consultancy services in Perth.

Service Areas

Over the years, our company has provided geological consultancy services across Perth. We are among the reckoned names in the industry. Our client base is wide spread and we have catered to mining companies, independent contractors, civil engineering organisations, builders, and several geological research agencies.

Why Choose Us?

We not only have experience and a team of experts, SJS Geologists is also a reliable and reckoned in the geology consultancy industry. Since our company’s incorporation, we have provided our services to businesses and independent seekers in Wangara, Osborne Park, Embleton, Landsdale, Malaga, Balcatta, Scarborough, West Perth, South Perth, Bunbury, and several others.

Geophysical Services
Our Services
Geophysical Services

SJS Geologists is the organisation to hire if you are looking for reliable geophysical services in Perth. From survey designing to rock property analysis to applying the best methodology for getting geophysical information, we do it all. We have a team of experienced, trained and skilled geophysists who can take care of the field work, interpret data, perform testing and do much more. Thus, you can rely on us to provide the best geophysical solutions in the industry and our rates are competitive too. To avail our services you can get in touch with us during business hours.

We Can Provide:

Complete geophysical services in Perth with the assistance of our team of geophysicists who use top-notch methodology to analyse, test, and investigate any given area. They will perform a physical rock property analysis, create an RFP document, check survey parameters and coordinate with geophysical contractors if necessary.

What Else?

In addition, our team can provide quality assurance and quality control measures. Plus, we have experience ranging from gravity, CSAMT, GPR, bore holing, IP/Resistivity, magnetics and much more. What’s more, if you have geophysical data that requires inversion, interpretation or collation, we can do for you.

Geostatistical Services
Geostatistical Services

In addition to providing the best Geophysical and geological consultancy services in Perth, SJS Geologists is reckoned for offering unmatched geostatistical services. We can decipher geological phenomena which we do by employing advanced geostatistical ways. We provide reliable data and results because we understand how important it is to have solid geological knowledge. Our approach and work streamlining processes enable us to make sure that every modelling decision is led by sound geological values. Our team can work efficiently and effectively to ensure the data and modelling are processed and made within the stipulated time to avoid project delays.

What We Do?

Our geostatistical services are the best in the city because we provide them with accuracy, clarity and utmost professionalism. You can rely on us to:

  • Generate and/or release prospective ranks of exploration targets
  • Optimise Drill hole spacing
  • Completely use the complex relationships within the data
  • Manage logical risk analysis, reasoning and insight
Why Clients Choose Us?

Besides appreciating us for our professionalism, our clients stay with us because we can offer quality services every time. Our costs are reasonable and our solutions are personalised. Additionally, we are a one stop destination where they can get geophysical, consultancy and several other services along with geostatistical solutions.

Exploration Services
Exploration Services

SJS Geologists is among the most sought-after companies for geological exploration services. We can provide solutions such as grass-roots investigation and progressive resource explanation drill-outs. You can rely on us to compile and review data, generate targets, design programs, manage planning, etc. Additionally, we can help with budgeting, supervising plans, taking care of logistics, and managing projects and their implementations. Moreover, our team can add value to your geological exploration projects by being up to date with modern geophysical and geochemical methods. Our exploration services are available for corporate, research, and other purposes. To know more, get in touch with us now.


You can expect SJS Geologists to provide the best exploration services in Perth. These services can include:

  • Readily-available or Rare Earth Element Analysis
  • Fusion
  • Database Management and Mapping
  • AU, PT, PD by Fire Assay
  • Geo-metallurgy Framework
  • Carbon Analysis
  • Resource estimation and Classification

These are just some of the inclusions and you can contact us for customised solutions.

Why Our Team?

Over the years, we have given excellent solutions to big, medium, and small corporates, always getting the best feedback. Our services are rendered with utmost professionalisms. We have the best geological exploration teams in the industry and our professionals are well trained, suitably equipped and with great expertise.

Data Integration, Analysis & Interpretation
Data Integration, Analysis & Interpretation

Procurement of data and its management is difficult when you lack suitable software and required tools. Therefore it is best to hire us because we offer the best geological, geophysical, and geochemical data integration, analysis and interpretation solutions in Perth. With the help of a team of responsible, experienced, well trained and well equipped professionals we can manage extensive mapping, structural measurements, sampling, drill hole data, assay data, and much more. You can take our services to collect complete information and then process it, or you can hire us to process data you already have to get desired information.

Why Get Our Assistance?

Collecting extensive data that requires human resources, equipment, tools, and software is expensive. But, when you hire professionals who already have these things, it becomes less cumbersome and costly for companies. Therefore, rather than investing in resources and tools, avail our services to manage geological data for you.

Quality Assurance

Since we have the required collection, investigation and interpretation tools, we can assure you, our service quality is unparalleled. Our team uses modern and effective methods plus their experience, expertise, and training plays a major role in quality control. They can easily data in multiple geological contexts

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