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Everything You Need to Know About Mining in Western Australia.

Do you know majority of Western Australia’s economy is boosted by the mining industry? The state and its capital Perth are reckoned for high value exports through significant mining projects that happen at several small mines and queries. The mining industry in WA transformed its economy after gold finds in 1890 attracted more people and money to the state.

Want to know more about the industry? Here are some interesting facts shared by professional geological consults in Perth. Have a look.

  • Although gold mining was the reason why many where attracted to the state, it started to decline after 1904 only 14 years after it started the boom. The reason is cited a structural adjustment due to the world wars, global depression and a significant drought.
  • In 1930 the mining sector again started to thrive but the state government was focused on manufacturing initiatives and agricultural development.
  • In the year 1960 the Commonwealth Government lifted the iron ore export embargo after its demand was increased by the flourishing Japanese economy. The involvement of American, British and Japanese investment also helped.
  • After the 1970s, the state again made mining its priority because the manufacturing and Argo sectors and projects levelled off.
  • The major commodities mined by the stateare iron ore, petroleum, gold, alumina, nickel, and several base metals like lead, copper, and zinc. In addition, diamonds, coal, salt and uranium are also found in the mines and quarries of Western Australia.
  • Western Australia is proposed for the permanent nuclear waste disposal from across the globe even though no uranium mining is happening here currently.
  • In the last decade the rate of employment has increased from 85,000 (2010) to over 135,000 (2019-20) and the major employers were from the iron ore and gold sectors.
  • The most significant iron ore mining happens in the Pilbara region. The overall production of ore in Western Australia was valued to be AUD76.8 billion in the year 2018-19.
  • Unsurprisingly, WA is responsible for 67% of Australia’s overall alumina production.


Mining is a major industry in Western Australia and it has a rich history in the state. The facts stated above by expert geological consultants in Perth are fun and insightful.You can learn a lot from them about the state’s prolific mining sector and much more.

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