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What is Geology? What do Geological/Geophysical Consultants do?

Most mining and construction companies pay a lot of attention to geology and take the assistance of geological and geophysical consultants in Perth. It is because these sectors need to know which area and land is the most suitable for their business to help make profits. Businesses that don’t consider geological factors often face several problems and costs which were avoidable.

So, what is geology and what do geological/geophysical consults in Perth do? Here is your complete guide outlining all the answers. Have a look.

Definition of Geology

To put everything simply, geology is the study of Earth. It is the study of the planet’s materials, compositions, factors that affect them and more. Additionally, it is the science of finding how the materials, organisms, and structures have changed over time. Geology is a topic for several researches, laws, principals, theories etc. It also provides the main proofs for climate change, evolution of life, tectonic plates, continents, and other things related to the Earth.

Roles and Responsibilities of Geological/Geophysical Consultants

These professionals can work from a desk or go in the field depending on their experience, qualification, training and interest. They are hired primarily by mining and construction companies to determine soil quality, land stability, composition of land materials, and several other factors. However, expert geological/geophysical consultants in Perth can be sought for betterment of the environment and finding resources. Depending on their specialities, these experts can do:

  • Field mapping
  • Sampling
  • Geotechnical mapping
  • Rock core logging
  • Mud logging
  • Geochemical analysis
  • Geomechanical tests
  • Take care of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Manage databases
  • Model programs
  • Write reports

Professional geological/geophysical consultants in Perth perform a wide array of jobs for different industries. They also process things like earthquakes, landslides, floods, draughts, volcanic eruptions and much more. Their work is important to understand land areas better and avoid damage or collapse of structures.

Most reputed construction and mining companies take their assistance of know what materials, tools, and equipment to use for extraction or building. These professionals test, analyse and provide reports not only on physical factors in front of them currently but alsoconsider the history of the area, its land, climate change and much more.

The Bottom Line

Geology is the science and study of Earth and its elements. Professionals who do these are known as geologist and their assistancesis required in various industries. Therefore, consider hiring reputed geological/geophysical consultants in Perth if you need their help for mining, construction, or other project.

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