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Geotechnical Investigations: Tips to Understand Subsurface Conditions

Mining and construction sector is one of the most booming industries in Western Australia. It holds a strong position in the state economy. The region is a hidden gem for miners and geological investigators. That’s why you can find multiple world-renowned geotechnical engineering companies in Perth. They offer high-quality and reliable services to contractors.

According to experts, the geotechnical investigation is crucial to understand the subsurface conditions before initiating a construction project. Thus, it is good to hire geological consultants in Perth to achieve desired results.

They thorough carry out investigations that involve in-depth studying of soil, groundwater, soil and other substances to assess the property and its behaviour. Below are the key tips to understand the subsurface conditions through geotechnical investigations:

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In-depth Analysis and Characterisation of Site

The process of geotechnical investigations starts with a visit and thorough study of a site. The consultants review and understand geological and topographical components of the specific area.

It becomes super easy to identify the different types of soil and rock present in the subsurface and amplify the entire construction process.

Sampling and Testing Soil

In the soil sampling and testing process, experts use boreholes and test pits to collect soil samples from different depths. These samples are later tested in a fully-functional laboratory to evaluate their density, composition, moisture level, strength and other key components.

With an intense soil testing process, you can create strong foundations and deliver high-quality construction project. The best part is that renowned geotechnical engineering companies in Perth use cutting-edge technology to generate precise results.

Sampling and Testing of Rock

This is also a crucial step to determine the condition of subsurface. Rock samples are collected and tested to determine their durability, strength, key components. It can help in designing foundations/base and tunnels.

Whether it is a bridge, building or a road, quality of rock plays a key role in determining its efficiency and sturdiness.

Thorough Research on Groundwater

Geotechnical investigations also include a research on groundwater conditions. This includes flow direction, depth and of course quality. Ground water reports are the most imperative elements when assessing the quality of site. Thus, it becomes imperative to hire the best geological consultants in Perth, Western Australia to make the right decision.

In-Site Testing

Geotechnical consultants process further and conduct in-site tests to assess soil and rock properties at the site. This includes cone penetration tests, standard penetration tests. Pressure metre tests, etc. Therefore it is good to leverage the benefits of geological site investigations and generate positive results.

Geological Surveys

Under this method, professionals conduct electrical resistivity tomography and seismic surveys to read and evaluate the subsurface conditions without drilling. This will help produce in-depth information about the depth other key factors of the subsurface conditions.

Data Analysis and Documentation

After collecting all the test reports and data, it is thoroughly analysed by experts to create a comprehensive geotechnical report. This will include the quality of soil, rock, and recommendations for foundation design and other aspects to help geological consultants to perform their tasks and create a detailed documentation for the safe and sound construction project.

Wrapping up

Geotechnical investigations play a critical role in determining the condition of subsurface and the entire site. It ensures utmost safety, cost-effectiveness and durability of the construction project.

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